Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 wooden chairs

Here is the start of the Tea Party Scene. (Click on the picture for a closer view)

I picked up my very first chair from my Neighbour Sandra who was having a garage sale. For a mere $2.00 I was on the way.

Then 2 days later on a trip to Winnipeg, I happened upon another garage sale and picked up the other 2 chairs for 5.00 each. Ohhh yeah I am on a roll now!!!

My goal is to have 12 chairs and 3 different tables to make up one long table.

Since this photo Sandra (my neighbour) found another chair in her summer cottage that she donated to the cause, I think she was just happy to be rid of it.

And I picked up 4 more at a big convention garage sale in Winnipeg for a whopping $8.00. That was a big ordeal hauling these chairs from the convention centre down a very slow and small elevator to the parkade. Luckily I had my Aunt Sandy with me (Sandy is not my neighbour Sandra) She sat on and guarded 2 chairs while I took the others down and then came back for her and made the second trip.

Hubby had a table in the wood shed he donated and then found another one at work. He has had to repair both chair and table legs so they will withstand actual human usage.

And in case you are wondering what he thinks of this whole idea, he actually likes it and is having fun helping me. But I doubt I will get him to dress up as the mad hatter.

I want to take a new picture but everything is now covered in snow. I will try on a bright day to show you the winter version in progress.
Yes, these items must be able to withstand the elements of all seasons, and will be replaced as we go along if necessary.


  1. LOL LOL Kim, this will be a fun one to keep an eye on.

  2. what fun, i want to come to this tea party for sure