Thursday, December 9, 2010

This blog site template, layout and design

Hi Everyone,

As I am just getting started, I have designed the background using a template from blogger. It's nice but only temporary as I do want to create my own background template. So as we go along it will change to something more suitable.

Hmmm...... I am thinking black diamonds and red hearts or a mosaic of broken china, or a collage of a variety of teacups, but again I am still thinking and if I wait to decide on the background of this blog, I will never get it started. Perhaps by the time you are reading this it has already changed from the flowery pattern it was originally. Haha I am writing in the future now!!!

In fact this rambling post is really just to give me an idea of what everything looks like for layout.

While I tweek the fonts, colors and size of type I just figured I should say something that was related to this blog.

There you have it! My first post, and some rhyme and reason to my own madness.



  1. I also LOVE Alice! (Not the Disney one). O liked the original drawings, which are by Tenniel and 1 other artist. When my husband Yawns, he looks JUST like the Mad Hatter! So, if I can manage to get a top hat cheaply, I may use him. I love the little dormouse.
    You sure have good yard sales where you live. I hope my husband has enough woodworking skills to help us out.
    Now that the kids are gone (1 in Germany--Army wife) and son probably taking a US Government job in Japan for 5 years, I am really going to have to be a busy bee and fill my days. Now I do crazy Christmas trees: last year (2009) was Andy Warhol, and this past one was Alice.
    Good luck--I will be watching for further developments!!!

  2. Love the idea, afraid my back yard wouldn't be big enough for something on this scale but I am hoping to do some arty things to hang from the trees and bushes. Will be looking forward to following this project. JOhn

  3. Love AIW I to have a telephone like the one in the picture.