Monday, June 6, 2011

Table cloths on the tables

Here is the latest table pic with table cloths.
These were donated from my Grandfather, part of my Grandmothers stash of linens.

NO these are not the best ones, but rather the ones that are tattered and stained. The whole point is that this display is going to stay out year round and must survive the elements. As things get destroyed they will be replaced with newer grungy stuff.

Tom used a staple gun to tack them down, and its been a couple of weeks and they are holding up pretty good.
It is actually starting to look weird and eerie when I look out the window and see this tea table setting in the field, with table cloths blowing.....

Garage Sale Finds

Here are some of the latest items I have picked up at garage sales for my Alice TEa Party display.

This fabulously lovely retro antique phone. It even comes with a long cord to plug in somewhere. LOL and it just might get plugged in.....Alice could be expecting some calls. Price was $2.00...can you believe it?

This metal Sun was a find at $1.00. My hubby Tom decided that it needed to go way up high in the sky. So you will have to look for it someday and see if you can find it.

5 Birdcages picked up from the Chemo Savvy Breast Cancer Survivors annual garage sale. I went to help drop off stuff with my Aunt Sandy and her friend Shirley. Not only did I get to sneak preview all kinds of fabulous finds, but I got the best prices on all of these cages too. Each one was $1.00 each. Tom has already hung them in the trees.
I am hoping to find many more bird cages as I keep searching for crazy items for my displays.

This lovely tea set was what I call a preamo find of the day when I went Garage Sale'ing on Saturday with my dear friend Lydia. We went to the town of St Pierre where it was their annual garage sale event for the whole town. I can't even begin to tell you all of the fun finds we made that day, hopefully Lydia will post some of her treasures too.
This was the first sale we went to in St. Pierre, and a lucky find and lucky price of $3.00. And.....the husband of the seller has offered to be a guest Mad Hatter if ever we need one. I just may take him up on the idea someday.

There's more, lots more, but I can't seem to get it all done in a day so will keep taking pics and posting as I go along.

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived, and now you can see my grungy looking tables and chairs. Hmmm time to start getting into the decorating mode, but the ground is soggy, and its still cold. So for today all you get are a couple of pics.

Okay just for fun I went and got a couple of the tea pots I had stashed away and a set of candle holders that I bought last year at a garage sale. I think I paid $3.00 for the candle holders and $1.00 each for the tea pots.

The Winter Version

Hi Everyone,

Yes I am very late in posting some of these pics, but here are the winter pics of the Tea Party display as it was at the time.

Taken through the fence, now the front part of the fence has been taken down. Though it is hard to tell with all the snow, there are actually 8 chairs and 2 tables. Still wanting 4 more chairs and must find another table.