Monday, June 6, 2011

Table cloths on the tables

Here is the latest table pic with table cloths.
These were donated from my Grandfather, part of my Grandmothers stash of linens.

NO these are not the best ones, but rather the ones that are tattered and stained. The whole point is that this display is going to stay out year round and must survive the elements. As things get destroyed they will be replaced with newer grungy stuff.

Tom used a staple gun to tack them down, and its been a couple of weeks and they are holding up pretty good.
It is actually starting to look weird and eerie when I look out the window and see this tea table setting in the field, with table cloths blowing.....


  1. Looking good!

    You have some wonderful sales in your neck of the woods. Its all VHS tapes and clothes where I am. Very little that could be salvaged for art projects.

  2. That is so cool to stay up all year! I love it! Thanks for stopping by, I can't believe the amount of blogs you have, you put me to shame as I can hardly keep up with two! Hugs and have a great week! Marilou

  3. Kim, I'm still totally stoked about the first TeaParty to come- the anticipation just is not dying out. :)

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  5. I think this is a very cool idea.

  6. OMG, this is too cute! Anything in the plans for something Alicey?

  7. I must say this makes me smile and yet I can understand why it's also eerie...

  8. Wow that is certainly an interesting thing to do.